Dear Left, Trump is Your Fault Too

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Let me start by clarifying a couple points to help keep any leftist reading this from having a panic attack. Do I think Trump has some racist views? Yes. Do I think we have racism in America? Yes, but not to the extent those on the left claim. There’s no denying the progress we have made in the past century. Now, you might be wondering if I voted for Trump. No, absolutely not. Nor did I vote for Hillary.

As soon as Trump alluded towards ideas of racism and sexism in his comments, the left took to social media to declare that anyone who supported Trump was a racist, bigot, sexist person themselves. This only further marginalized the right which led many of them to keep quiet during the election but not during voting time This language presented by the left also hurt the civil discourse between the two groups and only further polarized the two groups to opposite sides of the political spectrum. The media didn’t help this problem by continuing this divisive narrative of shaming instead of understanding.

When people vote, they vote for a set of reasons. If a person’s reasons for voting are strong enough it will mobilize them to get out and vote on election day. So what was the easiest way to mobilize voters in this election? Add fuel to the fire of an already divided voter base.

Take a look at the definition of war: “A situation in which people or groups compete with or fight against each other,” definition brought to you by Merriam-Webster. If war is too harsh of a word for you just substitute it for conflict. The conflict that was used during this election was essentially a race war. White people vs minorities, sound familiar?

However, this race war did not have the problem of systematic racism amongst its white voter base. A strong majority of white Trump supporters are not racist or sexist. They do not go through their lives constantly making decisions based on race or gender. Even though the media would like you to think otherwise. Although this election’s outcome was because of a race war, it was not because of actual racism. Instead, it was because Trump supporters had enough of a society that has become obsessed with dividing based on race and gender.

Trump’s majority white voter base embraced the bigot team jersey forced on them and fought the left back with a vengeance. And they won. Trump’s voter base is not dominated by racism; it’s dominated by people who are sick of being called racist, bigots, sexist and privileged, all because they were born white. They were sick of tip toeing around society, trying to avoid a lurking social justice warrior informing them about safe spaces, trigger warnings, and cultural appropriation.

The Trump supporters who voted for these reasons are just as much of the problem. However, the left should start working to understand what makes the Trump voter base tick. Although concern is understandable for those who opposed Trump because of his many eye-raising comments, continuing the hatred during the aftermath will only make situations worse. The left coming out calling all Trump supporters bigots, racist and sexist is not the best start. And the Trump supporters rubbing it in the lefts faces will not mend relations either.

Whether the Hillary supporters like it or not, they have to live under Trump for four years, protesting will not change that. The best they can do is look to understand what happened, understand that people, in general, are not racist, and don’t constantly think about race. Then start mending relationships between the divided voter bases. This goes for both sides, it starts with understanding and can only be fixed with forgiveness. If none of this convinced those of you on the left that Trump is your fault, take a second and look at who your Democratic nominee was and it has nothing to do with her being a woman.

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