Human Nature at Work in Free Markets

When they framed the United States Constitution, the Founders were not simply politicians attempting to maintain their own temporary power. Being well-versed in history, philosophy, and the classics, they instead sought to create a system of government that would best suit man and his natural inclinations. The Founders concluded, as…

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The Evolution of Political Principles in the United States

The Founders established the United States on a series of governing principles based upon the theories of natural law and limited government. As the country grew, its political doctrines underwent a series of changes, and by the early 1900s the Progressive movement emerged as one of the most important ideologies…


The Problem with Civil Religion

“Civil Religion” was a term first used by the French political philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau to describe the fierce patriotism that one should have for his homeland. 250 years later, and you won’t find many people who can explain the philosophical phenomenon – or really anyone who even cares about it…